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I've stopped being a designer.
I'm mostly inactive on dA sadly, but that's how life goes.

I hope you're all well and that everything's great in your life.


News and rambling

Wed Jan 14, 2015, 7:22 PM

Hi there :)

It's been quite some time again that I haven't send any news, so here's some, and yes it may includes some rambling for those that could be interested.

Soft7's future.

My polls wasn't pointless but here's what I thought about it. It appears many people following me and interested enough to answer my polls still enjoy Soft7, so I first wish to say that I'm truly grateful for that and I really appreciate it, and I'm also happy if I can help make your desktop better :)
Now, on my side, my preferences regarding customization, and my style as a designer as of course evolved a bunch after all this time. And to be honest, yes I still like Soft7 2.0, but I haven't used it for several years, because it's not my style anymore. I sincerely think it's flawed, not that great looking for some part and doesn't suits a lot of wallpapers, even if my goal was to make a new theme that could be a Windows default enjoyable by everyone. So even as a design product I'm not so happy about it when I look at it today.
But could I make it better if I'd be making Soft7 3.0 or something ? Well I've tried :) And for those interested, here's how it looks :…
But what I can read from the result of the polls, is that people don't like changes. And apparently don't like the styles I personally enjoy these days. So I both think that I would not entirely enjoy working on a new version of Soft7, and maybe you wouldn't like what my version of Soft7 3.0 would be in the end. All that including a lot of work making a theme for an OS I don't even use anymore :/
So yeah... I don't see Soft7 3.0 happening on Windows 7... Sorry to disappoint.

But once again, I wish to recommend Radiance. I think it's close from Soft7 for you to enjoy, and as you can see, it's close from what I could do working on 3.0. I think it's more sharp, more good looking and would suits more desktops and wallpapers than Soft7 2.0.

New style, new dA logo, evolution, ...

So my style and what I like has changed. What I wish my desktop could look like ? : Wannabe 9 or 10 or something.
I've also read a lot of bad things regarding the new dA logo, and of course there's the result of my last polls that shows that when Windows 10 is about to happen, most people wish to stay on Windows 7.
Please, don't forget your will for change when you're looking for something to change the appearance of your desktop, or simply when you come to deviantArt in the first place. Because you know that dA is the place where you'll be able to find something that is simply different, original, well crafted, and just special. It is because Artists have a particular vision over things that they work on their own stuff and do something original, something different. Artists are always the one making the world evolved, and that is our passion that pushed us (we're all artists on dA ;) ) to create what we do.
I am truly sad when I see the same people that comes to DEVIANTart criticize something because it's out of the ordinary and that not everybody would get at first sight. Deviants we're supposed to be, not mainstream, not easy on the eye.
And above all that, I even think the new dA logo is clever because it's both letters and just a sign (like the Nike swoosh). It even respect the old logo by linking the two initials, it's still green but you can feel the evolution and how it's now contemporary (next to the outdated previous one).
And yes it suits well my new logo as well :lol:

I truly love it. Boldly Facing The Future

Change is awesome :)

What's next ?

First, I'm waiting for Windows 10 to come out, and then I'll see if Win Style Builder works better with it than with Windows 8. I know it's Windows 8's fault, but the end result is that WSB keeps on crashing for me, it makes me spend even more time working on a theme just because of that, many times losing my progression as it crashes and sometimes even corrupted the theme making it useless and having to import almost everything in a new one. In any way it's really not easy to work with and I don't have the time and the same passion to spend that much time.
I really have good hopes in Windows 10, I already like Windows 8 and like the changes that will happen in 10. And I'm not afraid of changes again. We'll see then what are our possibilities regarding customization and how we can make this OS even better in our own way.

Speaking of changes. I believe I've lost my interest in working in the design world. I still love graphic design, but not as a work, not with all the stress it involves and passion someone must have in order to always work with evolution on an everyday bases. I love to see the evolution, but working with it is something different, and I just don't feel this is something for me anymore.
So, life changes :yeay:
Not something easy to do and I'll see where the wind takes me. And I don't know yet how much free time I will have this year in order to make things for dA.
And maybe the passion will strikes back, maybe not ;)


A small word about this awesome group :D Like every other group on the subject, we lack Contributors, people participating in the voting process. And in general I think there's a lack of motivation in the Customizing community. But yes the group is still alive !
I've diminished the number of votes required for the submissions to be accepted or not. I hope it will help, that there will be less expiration, and less wait before an answer. I'm very sorry about all that. Never hesitate to submit something again if it expires, it doesn't mean that we didn't liked it, you have to know that some submissions even expires at 5/6 yes... but the last person to vote just didn't show up at this time ^^ And we're a hard crowd, so getting a 5 "yes" 5 "no" can happen... and having 10 people voting is already huge these days :)
I wish the changes will smoothen the process.
And also, if you think the group suits you, you can always ask to become a Contributor :) Just write a bit about why you'd like it (it's not a real job so don't be afraid :D) and I'm sure the team would be happy to have some new active members :)

Anyway, I hope you are all well and I wish you the best of year for 2015, no matter where you are or what you stand for :peace:
And don't hesitate to share your thoughts about customization in general, or everything you find interesting to speak about :)

Lumi, a first preview

Tue Jan 31, 2012, 9:33 AM
Hey ! :]

So I've made some new changes on Lumi, my future Visual Style for Windows 7. It will continue to change in some details, and it's certainly not over yet, different parts are still the one from Soft7.

Anyway here's the actual result :

White isn't it ? ^^

My main ideas were :
more "minimal", less transparent, and add a tiny color.

The window on top left is active, the others are inactive (mainly a difference in the shadow, but the windows themselves are a bit more transparent).

The "Yes" button is hovered, like the Music icons. The DVD drive is selected

I believe the caption buttons are too subtle right now, and I'm still trying to do a nice hover effect, subtle but visible.

It includes the new icons on the Navigation Pane, obviously based on the icons in Mac OS Lion, entirely made from scratch (all of them) with the subtle blue of the theme.

By the way, don't get it wrong, I hardly have time to play all this video games, I haven't touched Batman AC in 2 months...

Creative Common

Sat Jan 21, 2012, 6:14 AM
Hello Everyone,

I have decided to change the way I see my work on deviantArt, which result in a change of copyright.
Now almost all my works have a Creative Common copyright.
This means you are now free to modify and redistribute my work, as long at it's not for commercial use, and as long as you share it with the same copyright.
You also don't have to ask me about it nor send me a link of your release.

Now I must admit that my endless curiosity would enjoy if you send me a link to your results. Seeing my works being used on screenshots as always be a joy to me, and now I'll enjoy your modifications.

Some of you may be surprised by such a change after all my (foolish) fights... I'm ready to hear any angry feedback you may have.

Why ?
The stupidity of others makes me realize mine...

- Bring back Megaupload -

Answering questions

Fri Sep 30, 2011, 8:26 AM
Hi everyone,

I have left too many unanswered messages, some of them are simply outdated, but some may be still important for you, I just don't know if it's interesting enough to reply to 1 year old messages...

I would like to use this journal to take the time if you've got interesting questions, no matter the subject. I promise I'll reply to everyone here.

Have a nice day !

Devious Journal Entry

Wed Mar 2, 2011, 8:44 AM

Got any questions ? Read my FAQ

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Happy New Year !!

First, I would like to say a huge Thanks to the anonymous who offered me a one year premium member account on dA, it's the second time I receive it and I'm truly grateful !! It's a real pleasure and an honor ! Thanks a lot !!! What a good way to begin a new year !!

I wish everyone of you a happy new year !!! I wish you all the best of luck for everything you work for, never give up, never surrender !! ;)


I now have a page on Facebook ! AP-Graphik, feel free to like it if you want to follow me with more information than on dA. I'll keep posting important news here but with Facebook you'll be able to know more on what I'm doing right now, how my work in progress are going, etc... I'll post some screenshots for example.

But please don't ask my personal page, I only add people that I know IRL and that I really like, thanks.


I'm actually working on different things, including my portfolio and a blog about different things that I like : design, art, science-fiction, the geek culture, etc... ! :)
But I absolutely don't forget Soft7 and I'll keep you in touch as soon as I'll have more news about it !

Have a nice Year ! :D

Finally, a bit of news !

Wed Dec 15, 2010, 8:56 AM

Finally, a bit of news !

Hello everyone !

Although it will sound more like a "Bad news everyone !" ^^


First, as many of you ask about the release of Soft7 Beta 2, the answer is : not now ! ^^
I'm sorry about that but I couldn't work on it more for the rest of the year (you know... Christmas ^^). I think I still have 2 weeks of work on it (this time I mean it !). It all depends if life stop surprising me :D and if I've got more or less real work, that's why no release date is given.
But for the best fans of Soft7 don't worry ! I'll post a news few days before I'll release it so you don't miss it ^^

kARÉ icons

I've listened to the best of you and I won't release any psd.

More clarifications : I'll stop complaining about them being copied, it's useless, just know that I won't answer to any request or ask for help about them. Once again, they are really easy to do, I only use basic options of Photoshop, if you don't know them then you should start learning Photoshop before attempting to create something to release on dA, which is, let me remember it to some, an ART community...

More of them will come after Soft7 releases, so as new start orbs and surely some other things.


I've never speaked about them and here's what I think :
When they arrived on dA for April's fools day, I thought this was a great idea and a nice special gift to all the people that I like here on dA, it was finally an original way to say "I love your work" to the best people I know here. And on this first day I've sent tons of them ! I enjoyed it ! But I thought it was only a one-day gift for April 1st, and it wasn't !!
By seeing all the llama stuffs that have appeared then, and all the craziness about that I've stop liking them, because I think dA should focus more on Art, and on deviants, what they think, what they have to say, what they want, not on an Ewok-thingy only made to attract more people, no matter if it's relevant or not.

But keep in mind that I do appreciate all the llamas I receive, I take it as a gift.
Most of the time I'll send one back, but note that I don't participate in the race for the higher number of them, I'll only send a llama back if I see by your creations or your faves that you're interested in customization or graphic design. You don't need to have any of my work in your favourites ! But if the only things you've got is crappy drawings and bad pictures of your cat then don't be surprised if I don't sent you one back ^^

I also send a llama to all the deviants I watch, sadly I often forget about that, I add people to my watch list when I like their work and don't automatically think to llamas ^^

Thank you !

I don't say it enough to all of you : THANK YOU !
Thanks for all the support, nice comments, faves and watch you give me everyday, I truly appreciate it !! I don't reply to everyone, and sometimes it takes days before I reply to important messages, but I carefully read ALL of them.

Just don't forget :


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 22, 2010, 3:14 PM

>> How to change the icons on the superbar ?

First, place your shortcut on the desktop,
change icon by :
right-click > Properties > Change icons > browse..... > OK > OK
only then place this shortcut on the superbar,
and now it works. :)

>> What logs do you use to make your theme ?

Mainly Photoshop to edit pictures, and Restorator as well as Win7 Style Builder to edit the *.msstyles and the explorer.exe

>> Can I use your work for a personal release ?

Share my work is a real pleasure and I'd be glad you'll use it :)
...But please just don't make simple copies.

I enjoy screenshots too, to see my works used with others in a particular way is always a pleasure. And a link to my work is always appreciated.

>> What logs do you use to make your icons ?

I use the website convertico to convert my png (made with Photoshop) into ico.
The quality and size stay the same. It's simple as two clicks and a browse (and a save as) :)

And when I want to make a multiple icon (multiple sizes into one icon) I bound them together with icon sushi (surely not the best/most recent prog but it's free and do what I want ^^)

>> Can you send me your original psd files ?

If you want it for training then just check every options in Photoshop and try to copy what you see, it's the best way to learn !

>> Can you do this for me ?

I don't take free request. If you ask I may not answer to your message at all.
Thank you for your understanding.

But if it's an original work then don't hesitate to send me a note ! :)

>> When will you release this ?

If I haven't already said it then I don't know ! So please don't ask me about that.

>> What is the superbar ?

It's only the new taskbar of Windows 7.

>> Why didn't you answered my message ?

There's two reasons for that :
> It may be because the answer is either on the description, or obvious, or impossible, or stupid, or you could find it in 2s with Google, etc...
> BUT it can also be because you tell me an interesting idea and I want to keep it on my message center so I could remember it each time I go there !

And never forget that Google is your friend :)

You can still easily ask questions if you've got a problem with my works and I'll try to help.

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Hail everyone !

I was away last week, it was my real break to clean a lot of things in my head and get things clear.
Now I'm back so work can continue !
I've got 234 messages and 10 Notes so please be patient for an answer, I'll try to answer to everyone during the next days, maybe not today as I'm a little tired after car, train and walk but I don't forget you !

I also want to watch what have been done on dA lately that I've missed.

I hope everyone is alright !
Have a nice day !!! :)
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